A missing puppy has been found in a traveller camp, but no arrests have been made, according to police.


A missing puppy has been found in a traveller camp, but no arrests have been made, according to police.

A MISSING dog was seized from a travellers camp in a Morrisons car park, but no arrests were made.

After being discovered in an abandoned caravan at the campsite, the dog, a 14-week-old black female Cockapoo, was reunited with her original owners. Customers reported the appearance of a significant number of caravans in Chippenham, Wiltshire, and police were dispatched to the scene.

According to police, the dog’s microchip confirmed that it had been reported missing.

According to Wiltshire Live, there were no visible signs that the animal had been abused, and it appeared to be in good health.

“Our officers were able to return a dog to her owners today (August 2) after she had been reported missing by a member of the public living at a traveller’s site in Dorset,” a Wiltshire Police spokesman said.

“Officers liaising with members of the travelling community who had gathered in the parking park of Morrisons supermarket in Chippenham discovered the 14-week-old black Cockapoo bitch in an unattended camper.

“And because it was microchipped, officers were able to locate the proper owners’ contact information.” The puppy’s owners are claimed to be overjoyed to be reunited with their pet. They picked her up yesterday after traveling from Dorset to a police station in Chippenham.

However, no arrests have been made in connection with this occurrence.

“We were able to remove the dog from the camper and look after her for the afternoon while the owners drove up from Dorset to Chippenham Police Station to collect her,” said acting sergeant Elliott Alvis.

“They appeared ecstatic to be reunited with her and expressed their gratitude. It was good to be able to assist.” The force was summoned to the same campground yesterday after complaints of several guys threatening a member of the public.

There were no arrests made at the time, but officials admonished the group about their actions.

The supermarket is located at the town’s north end, near a residential housing area and an affluent golf club.


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