A migrant boat with a toddler has become stuck after traffickers told the crew to turn off the engine and wait for help.


A migrant boat with a toddler has become stuck after traffickers told the crew to turn off the engine and wait for help.

A ILLEGAL migrant boat attempting to cross the Channel to the United Kingdom abandoned itself on the advice of traffickers, who claimed it would result in a faster rescue by UK police.

A GB News boat sent into the English Channel came discovered a migrant boat with 22 people on board, including a kid, that had purposely cut its engine in order to be rescued quickly. Presenter Nigel Farage added that they handed the child a blanket since they appeared to be chilly, and that such groups frequently phone emergency services to be rescued by Border Force or Coastguard after they intentionally strand themselves. Mr Farage expressed his displeasure with the action, claiming that it clogged up coastal emergency services, which are sometimes mistakenly told there is a medical emergency in order to expedite rescue.

Mr Farage appeared on GB News with Mark White, the broadcaster’s Home and Security Editor, when they discovered a boat drifting aimlessly in the English Channel.

They suspect the boat set sail at 6 a.m. on Wednesday with 22 passengers on board.

On board the ship, Mr Farage noticed two ladies and one child.

He also stated that he contacted Border Force to deal with the boat, who informed him that they were extremely busy dealing with various issues on the south coast.

The crossing, according to the GB News presenter, is extremely risky because it will be quite cold for those undertaking the voyage.

According to Mr. White, the weather has been significantly calmer in recent days, which means more boats will attempt the crossing.

Mr Farage predicted that 30,000 migrants will make the perilous journey by 2021.

According to the latest numbers released by the government this year, the number of migrants crossing the English Channel has more than tripled since 2020.

Last Saturday, 886 people crossed the Channel, bringing the total number of people who have crossed the Channel this year to 25,600.

According to Home Office data, the overall number of migrants in 2020 will be 8,417.

At least ten people are thought to have died across the Channel in the last several weeks.

At least ten people are believed to have died attempting to cross the river in the last few weeks.

“The British public have had enough of seeing people die in the Channel while unscrupulous criminal gangs benefit,” a representative for the Home Office stated.


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