A married financial executive files a lawsuit against the lady who accused him of rape.


A married financial executive files a lawsuit against the lady who accused him of rape.

A MARRIED British finance boss is ready to face a former pupil who claims he raped her at a party in a US courtroom. Monica Morrison has been granted permission to sue Rob Langrick, 44, for nearly £2 million.

When they were both at exclusive Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, 16 years ago, the ex-Bloomberg executive claims he had a one-night encounter with Ms Morrison, 35.

She alleges she was too inebriated to agree to intercourse and accuses him of rape.

In a Manhattan hearing, Mr Langrick will also claim that novelist Ms Morrison sought to blackmail him after the #Metoo campaign.

After persuading a judge that his story should be heard by a jury, the father of two from the United States was granted permission to file his defamation complaint.

Police who investigated Ms Morrison’s claims at the time support his version of events. There were no charges filed. New York judge Carol Amon denied Ms Morrison’s request to have Mr Langrick’s case dismissed.

Mr Langrick, a law graduate of Nottingham University, declined to comment. “My client looks forward to his day in court and vindicating his reputation against these false and vicious attacks,” his lawyer Shannon B Timmann said. Ms Morrison’s fraudulent assertions about a completely consenting sexual encounter that occurred many years ago…began as an attempt to collect a monetary payout.”

In 2005, they met at an Ivy League college. Mr Langrick, a mature student at the time, claimed in court documents that Ms Morrison invited him to her room, then urged him to climb out of a window and across a sloped roof to have sex within a wooden turret.

“As would subsequently be substantiated by witnesses, Ms Morrison was a willing, enthusiastic, and vocal participant,” his attorneys claim, adding that the two could not have done the “tricky physical manoeuvre” when inebriated.

Mr Langrick allegedly attacked Ms Morrison after they kissed and talked, according to Ms Morrison.

The recollections were “put away into a dark but vivid area of her consciousness,” she said in legal documents.


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