A man and a woman were stabbed in Orpington, and police have issued an appeal.


A man and a woman were stabbed in Orpington, and police have issued an appeal.

A YOUNG lady was stabbed in south London and was transported to hospital in the early hours of today morning.

The 23-year-old was attacked in Orpington High Street with a 56-year-old male shortly before 2 a.m., according to the Met Police. Officers administered first aid at the site before the London Ambulance Service transported both victims to the hospital.

According to police, their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

They also stated that an 18-year-old guy was arrested on charges of causing serious bodily harm, robbery, and possessing an offensive weapon at the scene.

He is still being held by the police.

According to a police spokeswoman, a crime scene “remains in situ” until investigations are conducted.

The stabbing was rapidly reported throughout the town, which is located on the boundary between south London and Kent.

“Sadly, there was a stabbing in Orpington High Street last night immediately outside the row of stores adjacent to the Lloyds bank door, in that area,” one individual commented.

“Right now, everything is taped off. Such depressing news to see when you get up! “It’s getting so horrible out there,” wrote another. “What do you do? I hope whoever was wounded is okay.” What a pity! Can’t go out anymore for fear of being stabbed.” Others hoped the victims were okay and that the offender was apprehended.

“Terrible news!” one person wrote. “Thoughts and prayers are with the person, and I hope they recover quickly,” a police spokesman said.

“Anyone with information is requested to call police on 101 and give the reference number 679/07AUG,” she said.

“Information can also be submitted anonymously to Crimestoppers by ringing 0800 555 111.” The news came as the Metropolitan Police Service reported that a police canine stabbed while apprehending a suspect in Orpington in June has returned to duty.

When Kaiser attempted to subdue a suspect, he was stabbed up to five times on the top of his head and once below his eye.

When they were called to a report of an intruder in the back garden of a house in the town, the police dog and his handler, Pc Mark Woolcott, were on patrol.

Kaiser was “fortunate to be alive,” said Superintendent Emma Richards of the Met’s Taskforce, which includes the Dog Support Unit, at the time.

The Sutton Police Facebook page announced his return to duty Wednesday, saying, “After being savagely stabbed.” Brinkwire Summary News.”


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