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A-level students share hilarious memes ahead of results day chaos as nearly half of grades set to change

A-LEVEL students have shared hilarious memes today ahead of expected results day chaos.

Forty per cent of grades are expected to have been changed once results are released tomorrow due to the coronavirus pandemic interrupting the school year.

Students took to social media to share humorous memes joking about their results.

Some joked that teachers would give students harsher mock grades to “make them work harder for the real thing” – despite final exams being cancelled.

Another shared a video of football manager Jose Mourinho reacting angrily with the caption: “When you’re in Tesco and you see the teacher who failed you for a test you didn’t even sit”.

Others joked about trying to use their GCSE results to get into university, and how mock exams were now not the “safety net” they had been made out to be.

Another shared a picture of a student taking a test while looking at a pile of calculators with the caption: “Me retaking my maths A-Level in September because my life was calculated by some algorithm”.

One student shared an edited picture of the UCAS home page.

“Welcome back, you pathetic failure,” it read.

“Your status: you have failed miserably… Your grades were so pathetic it’s probably best to not even look.

“Next steps: Just give up on life. Honestly, I don’t know how you made it this far.”

Late last night, the Government confirmed new plans for a “triple lock” on exam grades to stop thousands of kids being marked down unfairly like the shambled which happened in Scotland last week.

Scottish Highers results descended into chaos after 124,000 pupils received lower grades than what they were predicted thanks to moderators marking kids down below their teacher-assessed grades.

There was uproar as poorer students were marked down more than their richer peers because it takes into account the school’s overall performance.

And disadvantaged kids are more likely to have done better in their final exams, and less well in coursework.

Yesterday the Scottish Government u-turned and said they would cancel all the changed grades and return to the teacher-picked ones instead.

The move caused panic in England and Wales as the Government feared a similar situation.

Now students will either get to pick the highest of either their moderated grade, their teachers’ prediction, or they can choose to sit the exam in the autumn instead.

The current system will take teachers’ predicted grades and standardise them and moderate them using computers.

But Nick Gibb told LBC this morning that “40% of grades will have been adjusted tomorrow but mostly by, the vast majority by just one grade.”

It could mean that thousands will get lower grades than their teachers thought they should get – and potentially causing fresh confusion for universities and schools across the country.

However, they can choose to pick their mock exam as their final grade if it’s higher than what the model gave them.

No exams were sat this year due to the coronavirus crisis.

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