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A-Level students celebrate results with a boozy night on the town in Newcastle and Leeds

A-LEVEL students hit the town to celebrate their results last night after a tough academic year.

Teens across the UK let off steam after the stress of the highly-anticipated day – only this year revellers were subjected to temperature checks and socially distanced queues.

Students partied in Leeds and Newcastle after they had anxiously waited to find out if they got a place at their chosen universities.

This year was different as no exams could take place due to the coronavirus lockdown causing school closures.

Despite no exams having taken place, the government didn’t want to change results day as it would impact the current cohort’s route to further education.

Students across the country were seen jumping for joy with their pals as parents proudly kissed their kids upon finding out their results.

As the night fell, many groups of relieved and excited teens celebrated in bars and clubs across the country.

Some were seen getting carried away as they slumped on the pavement or had to be propped up by their pals.

This year, record numbers of teens are expected to appeal against their A Level results as they face a desperate scramble to get a university spot.

But exam bosses fear they will be hit by such a tsunami of appeals they may fail to get them all done by the September 7 deadline.


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