A large fire rages through Kent’s town center, terrifying residents.


A large fire rages through Kent’s town center, terrifying residents.

A TERRIBLE fire has engulfed a restaurant and nightclub in the heart of a town.

Witnesses described the events as “extremely sad” as the Mu Mu pub and nightclub caught fire. The fire occurred at 2.30 a.m., when nightclubs would have been packed with drinkers and revellers if the epidemic hadn’t struck.

Smoke billows across the village, as flames rage from the roof, according to photos.

Other photos show the charred property in Maidstone, Kent, as well as the extensive damage it has sustained.

Since the blaze began, 12 fire engines have been dispatched to the location, according to Kent Live.

While firefighters and other agencies work at the scene, the public is advised to stay away from the area and close their windows.

There have been no casualties reported.

Roads were closed in the town center, although train services were unaffected despite the nightclub’s proximity to Maidstone East station.

A strong odor of burning items was noticed by residents all throughout town.

Mu Mu normally stays open until 4 a.m. on weekends, but closes earlier during the week when the plague isn’t there.

“Kent Fire and Rescue Service has been called to reports of a fire at a commercial property on Week Street, Maidstone,” a spokeswoman for Kent Fire and Rescue said.

“Fifteen fire engines, as well as a height vehicle and a command support unit, are on the scene.

“Because of the significant amount of smoke emanating from the fire, residents and workers in the neighborhood are recommended to close their windows and doors.

“The public is also asked to stay away from the area while crews work on the scene.”


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