A jab centre volunteer is furious with ‘lazy’ young Britons who fail to show up for the Covid vaccine.


A jab centre volunteer is furious with ‘lazy’ young Britons who fail to show up for the Covid vaccine.

VOLUNTEER Thousands of British children have failed to show up after being offered the coronavirus vaccine, according to John, who highlighted some of the “astonishing” excuses offered.

John, a Manchester resident, called LBC to express his displeasure with broadcaster Nick Ferrari and to accuse British youths of being “lazy.” Thousands of Brits aged 18 to 30 had been offered the vaccine, but only a few hundred had come up to pick it up, according to the volunteer at the coronavirus jab center. “You had something before the break about young people not being lazy,” John added. I suppose I’d have to disagree.

“We sent out 10,000 invitations to young people aged 18 to 30, we got a whole vaccination center, doctors and nurses gave up their weekends.

“You can imagine the logistical nightmare that would entail. Only about 200 people took advantage of the opportunity, and only about 100 people showed up. Incredible.

“What we actually did was call a couple more people and ask them why they hadn’t responded?’

“And the variety of responses is astounding.”

“I don’t know where the center is, I don’t have the bus fare, I’d have to change buses, I’ve got to walk the dog, I’ve got to water the plants, I’ve already had Covid,” the enraged caller continued.

“It’s incredible. They’re slackers, they’re slackers.”

Mr Ferrari then stepped in to defend British youths, saying, “You can’t claim everyone between the ages of 18 and 29 is lazy.”

John however conceded his statement could not apply to all youngsters but many “can’t be bothered.”

Mr Ferrari then asked whether the response from younger Britons to the vaccine offer was hugely different from that of older Brits.

John said: “It rose as the weeks went by, and the percentage increase exceeded expectations.

“Which is understandable because they’re the most vulnerable. The youngsters, we’re just not getting through to them.”

Britain recorded 39,906 new coronavirus infections on Thursday, down from 44,104 a day earlier, and 84 deaths, up from the 73 reported the previous day, official data showed.

Daily positive cases have been broadly rising in Britain for a month but a rapid vaccination programme appears to have weakened the link between infections and deaths, with daily fatalities remaining at relatively low levels.

The data also showed that 46.43 million people have. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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