A hospice worker recalls leaving his body in a ‘shared-death experience.’


A hospice worker recalls leaving his body in a ‘shared-death experience.’

A HOSPICE volunteer claims to have had a weird encounter while caring for a very ill patient that forever changed his life.

A former merchant marine named Ron had been entrusted to William Peters’ care. Ron was on his deathbed, suffering from stomach cancer and receiving few visits from family and friends. Mr Peters would keep Ron company for up to three hours a day, reading books and conversing with him.

The hospice volunteer was reading an excerpt from Jack London’s “Call of the Wild” during his lunch break when he had an unusual experience that defied description.

Mr Peters claims to have felt his spirit leave his body and then realized he was floating above the dying guy.

When he turned to look to the side, he noticed Ron standing next to him, staring down at the same image, he claims.

“He glanced at me and gave me this joyful, contented face as if he was telling me, ‘Check this out,’” Mr Peters recalled. We’ve arrived.’

Mr Peters’ entire event lasted only a few seconds before he returned to his body.

Ron died not long after, but the incident made an indelible imprint on Mr Peters and had a tremendous impact on his life.

The hospice volunteer is thought to have had a “shared-death experience,” as the concept is now known.

Raymond Moody, an author and researcher, created the term in his 2009 book “Glimpses of Eternity.”

According to experts, while the name is new, the experiences are not, and have been referred to as “death-bed visions” or “death-bed coincidences” in the past.

Shared-death experiences have been regarded by skeptics as attempts by people to cope with their loss and pain rather than proof of an afterlife.

Mr. Peters, who founded the Shared Crossing Project to educate people about afterlife experiences, is confident that what he experienced was genuine and not an accident.

He believes Ron was trying to repay him for the comfort he had provided him while he lay dying.

“I guess what he was saying to me was, ‘Don’t despair,’” he added. Life continues to go on. Look at how cool it is.’

“It was a heartfelt present from him.”


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