A heartwarming viral video of a blind and deaf dog being awakened up by his owner has gone viral.


A heartwarming viral video of a blind and deaf dog being awakened up by his owner has gone viral.

A VIDEO of a dog owner demonstrating how he wakes up his blind and deaf puppy without frightening her has gone popular on the internet.

Aiden Mann, a veterinary assistant from Nashville, Tennessee, has Plum, a Miniature Australian Shepherd. After someone inquired how he gets his young canine to wake up, the 27-year-old decided to make the video.

Aiden shows himself softly lying down on the floor next to the sleeping hound and gently blowing on her fur during the video to his three million followers.

Plum instantly relaxes down and cuddles up to their owner after realizing he is around, despite being terrified.

The video concludes with the dog and owner rolling about on the floor, with the remark “Then she wants all the love.” Daddy is and always will be here.”

While working at a veterinary clinic in 2019, Aiden met Plum through a coworker who was fostering the white fuzzy puppy at the time.

“Someone come get this deaf and blind puppy before I euthanize her,” the young animal was offered on Craigslist.

Despite her disabilities, Plum fell in love with the Australian dog breed and has learned to adapt to her needs over time.

Plum’s reply has received about 92 million views and 16.8 million likes since it was shared to the social media sharing platform.

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Aiden’s innovative style of interacting with his four-legged companion has been applauded by dog lovers all across the world, with many finding the TikTok touching.

“Really didn’t want to weep today,” one user added.

“This got me crying, what a nice doggie,” said another.

“This is really wholesome; I sobbed a little,” a third TikToker said. What a wonderful soul.”

Plum’s deafness and blindness were caused by double-merle breeding, which results in a one-in-four possibility of a puppy being born with extreme white colouring, absence of pigment, and no hearing or vision.

Aiden explained to TeamDogs, “We had to learn our own style of talking.” When it came to training her, I had to go outside the box, but I also had to learn not to protect her and just let.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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