A great white shark lurks inches away from a child surfer in this heart-stopping moment.


Scott Fairchild shot amazing drone footage of a great white shark swimming very close to a man and his child in California, US. He says the child kept his cool and just watched the gigantic animal

Crystal clear drone footage shows a great white shark swimming just below a child who is lying on a surfboard.

In the clip, recorded by Scott Fairchild in California on September 30, the giant shark cruises through the shallow water.

The shark is much larger than the child, but rather than being afraid the kid just watches the beast.

Writing about the incident on his Instagram account, Scott said: “This rather thick Great White Shark cruised right through the surfers and this kid saw it!

“He had zero reaction and just watched it in curiosity and harmony. Soul surfer! Legend!”

The video was watched more than 18,000 times and viewers were seriously impressed with both the shot and the kid’s reaction.

One said: “Has his mom seen this?!? This was my nightmare when my son was surfing!”

“An awesome shot of an awesome moment,” said a second fan.

A third asked: “Wow. How shallow were these guys coming?”

“Whoever taught that tiny human to respect and admire the ocean needs an award,” said someone else.

Another viewer admitted; “Wow. Personally, as much as I know they don’t want anything to do with me, I’d be out of that water!! But so cool!!”

Great white sharks are one of the deadliest species of shark, killing around five people a year on average, but are still much less dangerous than dogs and even cows.

The other species of shark most commonly implicated in fatal attacks are the bull shark and the tiger shark.

Meanwhile, there have been fears a great white shark could have moved into British waters when a dead porpoise was found with suspiciously large bite wounds.

Shark expert Mally Rice said: “If you look at the crescent shape on the top, no propeller could cut in that shape.

“Maybe it’s a great white. Our waters are a lot colder but you never know.”

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