A French MEP lashes out at Boris Johnson over the 10-day isolation requirement, pointing out a significant discrepancy.


A French MEP lashes out at Boris Johnson over the 10-day isolation requirement, pointing out a significant discrepancy.

Veronique Trillet-Lenoir, a French MEP, slammed Boris Johnson’s government for maintaining a “inconsistent” 10-day quarantine for visitors from her nation.

The double-jabbed travelers from the EU country will be the only ones obliged to isolate upon arrival in the UK, according to the Government’s travel list system. Most coronavirus lockdown restrictions are being loosened, thus rules governing the admission of residents and citizens from amber list nations are set to alter on Monday, while new rules for France were issued on Friday evening. LREM! MEP Veronique Trillet-Lenoir slammed Boris Johnson’s government for the “inconsistent” move, claiming that fears of the beta type of Covid spreading from mainland France are unjustified.

“I am sure the decision will be very difficult to understand,” Ms Trillet-Lenoir said on the Today show when asked about the French government’s reaction to the move.

“It’s incongruent with the possibility of abolishing most COVID-19 legal constraints in England as early as Monday.

“As a medical practitioner, I fully appreciate the concerns of British citizens, but why put such limitations on entry from one country to another where the infection rate is far higher?”

“The beta form is currently not identified in mainland France, but only in a few French overseas territories, such as those in the Indian Ocean,” she explained.

“I’m wondering if the British authorities are concerned about the AstraZeneca vaccine’s known low level of protection against this strain.

“However, it is not at all present in France, in continental France.”

Today host Mishal Husain, however, questioned the claim, stating, “At all?” Are you claiming there aren’t any examples on the French mainland?”

“There are no more incidents in mainland France,” Ms Trillet-Lenoir responded. The variation is set in the Indian Ocean island of La Reunion, which is a long way from both France and England.

“As a result, it’s quite difficult to comprehend from a sanitary standpoint.”

“I’m wondering whether the Prime Minister seeks to cast doubt on vaccination and, even worse, deny British nationals the opportunity to reunite with their families,” the LREM! MEP continued.

“I believe there is a misunderstanding about the beta variation, or it is being used as an excuse to create new rules.”

Ms Husain, on the other hand, pointed to recent data. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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