A food bank for rescue dogs has been established to assist with the feeding of Manchester’s homeless dogs.


A food bank for rescue dogs has been established to assist with the feeding of Manchester’s homeless dogs.

After hearing that a rescue center was struggling to feed their four-legged friends, animal enthusiasts decided to create a food bank for them.

In a 6,200 square foot arena, Wags Doggy Day Care Centre in Worsley, Greater Manchester, looks after roughly 50 pet dogs per day. After speaking with the personnel at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, owner Colin Owen became aware of their financial challenges.

Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary was founded in 1968 as a registered charity on a 55-acre location dedicated to the care of dogs, cats, horses, and farm animals.

Both animal companies are close to the Wardley Industrial Estate, but the rescue center reported that it was just scraping by to buy food and other necessities.

“I reside in Edenfield, in Ramsbottom, not far from Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary,” Colin told Manchester Evening News.

“I was out walking recently when I ran into some of their employees who were out walking the dogs they care for.

“They told me how COVID was harming donations to charity, and how they were struggling to find enough food to feed their animals.”

Despite multiple reports of a massive increase in the number of Brits adopting dogs since the lockdown began last year, several owners have been forced to give up their cherished pets.

Job losses owing to the coronavirus epidemic have resulted in lower income, and people returning to work have been unable to locate or afford suitable dogsitters, to name a few reasons.

Colin’s compassion allowed him and his eight full-time employees and volunteers to effectively establish a food bank to assist their canine neighbors.

“We’ve received donations of food, leads, and beds,” Colin explained. We’ll bring them to Bleakholt, but we’re hoping to keep the bank alive and possibly donate to other animal charities as well.”

Wags Doggy Day Care Centre has three dog-friendly classrooms where kids can participate in a variety of activities throughout the day.

Free play, scent work, one-on-one and group training are just a few of the programs hounds participate in to develop their social skills, according to the establishment, which bills itself as a “independent school for dogs.”

It also offers a training center, puppy creche, grooming salon, and a large place where they can run through tunnels and see-saws to stay fit and active.

There’s even a ‘cinema’ where dogs can watch movies like. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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