A enraged hotelier accuses the House of Commons of costing the UK billions due to months of Brexit protest.


A enraged hotelier accuses the House of Commons of costing the UK billions due to months of Brexit protest.

HOTELIER According to Lawrence Kenwright, the Commons’ vehement resistance to Boris Johnson’s Brexit proposal lost the UK billions in foreign investment.

Mr Kenwright spoke on GB News’ Talking Pints with Nigel Farage to examine the impact of Brexit and the pandemic on his business. The hotelier claimed that the lengthy spat between House of Commons members and Boris Johnson over the terms of the Brexit deal cost the UK billions of pounds in the run-up to December 2019. He also remarked that the transition from uncertainty about the UK’s future relationship with the European Union to the coronavirus outbreak hit business hard.

Mr. Kenwright stated, ” “Brexit, I believe, was the beginning of everything going wrong for me, so that is when it really went wrong for me.

“Clearly, the country decided to leave, and I completely agree.

“I believe we made a major blunder as politicians when we allowed the House of Commons to vote against the government.”

“That meant doom for the revenue and investors that come,” the hotelier continued, before Nigel jumped in to criticize the Government for sticking to their word on the new agreement for the UK to leave the EU after “three and a half years of effectively Parliament not honouring the vote.”

Since Boris Johnson came over Number 10 with Theresa May, MPs have routinely fought with him over his discussions with the European Union.

Mr. Kenwright went on to say: “It was cascading onwards, wasn’t it, with the cacophony becoming increasingly menacing as time passed and parliament defied the government?

“I believe it was in August, and you could practically hear the breaks of the money stopping coming into the nation.” “We are a small country, but we are a major fundraiser, and a lot of money gets parked in this country, and that stopped pretty much overnight,” she said.”

He went on “Until the election was won on the 12th or 13th of December, when it was decided that everyone was gone, so don’t worry, the money will start rolling in again in January.

“And then there’s the epidemic, which has derailled everyone because it was originally ‘let’s not worry about it,’ as in ‘we’ll worry about it in three weeks.'”Brinkwire Summary News “..


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