A enraged BBC QT viewer tells M25 protesters, “You’re not helping your cause!”


A enraged BBC QT viewer tells M25 protesters, “You’re not helping your cause!”

A FRUSTRATED BBCQT viewer said he agreed with the contentious M25 climate change protesters’ goals, but that their actions were costing them support.

On last night’s BBC Question Time, an audience member stated that the M25 protesters were not aiding their cause of climate change activism. A enraged audience member recommended that the climate protesters be sent to the “top of Scotland” so they could return on their own. Insulate Britain protesters have shut down sections of the M25 five times in the previous two weeks.

However, a new court judgement favoring the government cautions climate change protesters that if they continue to block the M25, they may face jail time.

A member of the crowd reacted to the traffic and protests on the highway.

“I get the idea that the cops don’t seem to have control over it,” he remarked.

“Maybe they’re too soft, or maybe there aren’t enough of them. They must have the information they need to prepare.”

“If it were me, and I’m not a politician, I’d take one of those HGV lorries and arrest them,” he continued.

“I’d load them into that wagon and send them to the top of Scotland, where they could find their own way back and stop them.”

“I wonder how Scotland would feel about that?” said BBC Question Time host Fiona Bruce.

Most people agree with the climate protesters’ goals, but “not the way they’re doing it,” remarked one audience member.

“They are correct in what they are doing with climate change, and they are correct in their principles,” he remarked.

“However, the manner they’re going about it isn’t right. They shouldn’t be making people’s days so miserable and horrible.

“If they want help, they should bring us along.

“Most of us agree with their goals, but not with how they go about achieving them.”

“And then they’ll lose that support, and it’ll all be for naught.”

Activists fear “potential jail if they flout,” according to Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps.

Insulate Britain responded to Mr Shapps’ tweet by saying the government “is reckless and is putting lives in danger with its inaction on #insulation.”

Other motorways, such as the M11 near Stansted Airport in Essex and the M3 in Surrey, have been targeted by protesters.

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