A dog that had been lost for seven years was discovered for sale 1,000 miles away.


A dog that had been lost for seven years was discovered for sale 1,000 miles away.

A DOG that had been lost for seven years was reunited with his owner after being discovered for sale online at a location over 1,000 miles away.

When Sgt. Pepper, a Yorkshire terrier mix, went missing from his Florida home in 2014, he was just six years old. When his owner was unable to locate the dog, he filed a police report reporting him stolen and alerted the microchip firm where the dog was registered.

Sgt. Pepper’s owner updated the contact information on his microchip in February 2020, which led in the canine being found within minutes.

The puppy was discovered at the Eaton County Animal Control in Charlotte, Michigan. Thanks to the original microchip information, they were able to trace down his original owner.

In yet another amazing turn of events, Sgt. Pepper’s owner came across a listing for the dog on the American classified website Cragslist.

This extraordinary incident, according to Eaton County Animal Control, shows the significance of having pets microchipped.

“This incident also serves as a reminder of why it is SO IMPORTANT to have all found canines screened for a microchip,” the statement says.

“Having each new dog you buy scanned for a microchip just in case is also a good idea, especially if any part of the pet’s background is unknown.”

Despite not understanding how or why Sgt. Pepper found himself more than 1,000 miles away from his home, the shelter claimed to have been able to locate him.

For five years, the Yorkie mix was adopted by a family who had no idea of his microchip or stolen status.

After travelling down to Michigan on June 30, Sgt. Pepper’s owner was finally reunited with her cherished dog.

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“We appreciate their understanding that Sgt Pepper needed to be reunited with his original family,” the shelter wrote, “and we ask that people please be mindful of their situation.”

“This remarkable story exemplifies the importance of microchipping your pet and keeping your contact information up to date.”

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