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A crim who skipped bail after release from jail to attend his own wedding is back behind bars

A man who ditched his own wedding to go on the run while on bail is back behind bars after leading police on a ‘ridiculous’ car chase in a luxury Porsche. 

Murat Shomshe, 38, originally made headlines in 2015 after he skipped town while his fiancee was in the shower and went on the run from police. 

The father-of-two found himself back in court on Thursday for stealing a $300,000 Porsche and leading Victoria Police air wing through Melbourne’s south-west suburbs at speeds of up to 230km/h. 

The court heard the mechanic has not held a driver’s licence in more than ten years, according to The Herald Sun. 

Shomshe was on a community corrections order for a 2014 incident when he discharged three bullets at the car of a woman in an argument over money owed for mechanic work.

Despite police noting his violent record and bikie links, he was granted bail over those charges to attend his wedding to Belinda Dulevski, which he had forked out a $6,000 deposit for. 

However, while Ms Dulevski was in the shower, Shomshe went on the run, sparking a police manhunt which led to him being found at a pole dancing studio in Melbourne’s north a week later. 

During the search for him, videos emerged from his YouTube channel showing him rapping to the camera and drinking a Corona beer behind the wheel of car. 

One video showed him dancing to a Beyonce song while mouthing the words – some of which he did not know – and downing the beer. 

In another, Shomshe rapped about ‘driving for hours’ and how he was going to lose his ‘mojo like Austin Powers’. 

He was sentenced to three years in prison with Ms Dulevski also reportedly losing her $10,000 bail surety. 

Ms Dulevski wrote a letter in support of Shomshe which was read to the court on Thursday despite the pair having split. 

The court heard the police chase began at about 2am on January 2, 2019, and involved Shomshe running multiple red lights, dodging cars, and driving more than 140km/h over the speed limit. 

His excuse to police was that he was test-driving the car for his job as a mechanic.

‘As an example of appalling driving, it’s hard to top,’ Judge Kevin Doyle said. 

He added while Shomshe had shown some insight in a letter to the court it was hard to see him being rehabilitated. 

He pleaded guilty to the of charges of conduct endangering persons, theft of a motor vehicle and possessing ice and diazepam. 

He was sentenced to 15 months prison but will be released next month having been in custody since the car chase. 

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