A court order has been issued against Sturgeon! Burnham warns SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon that she is on “shaky ground.”


A court order has been issued against Sturgeon! Burnham warns SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon that she is on “shaky ground.”

Andy Burnham has threatened to sue Nicola Sturgeon after her administration refused to pay compensation to individuals affected by her latest cross-Border travel ban.

A tit-for-tat row erupted, with the mayor of Greater Manchester escalating requests for individuals to be reimbursed for any hotel and transport expenses incurred in connection with planned journeys to Scotland. He also wanted compensation for businesses affected by the Covid restrictions, which prohibit all non-essential travel between Scotland and the Manchester and Salford local regions. By initiating a fight with Ms Burnham over the curbs, the First Minister accused her of prepping for a future Labour leadership contest.

“I’ve always gotten along with Andy Burnham, and all he has to do is pick up the phone if he wants a grown-up conversation,” Ms Sturgeon said.

“But if, as I fear is the case, this is more about stoking a feud with me in order to gain a foothold in a future Labour leadership contest, then I’m not interested.”

Ms. Sturgeon’s deputy, John Swinney, had previously stated that the decision was “legitimate” due to the city’s rising Covid case rate.

Mr Burnham’s demand for compensation, he added, isn’t “a relevant matter” because business assistance is already available in England.

“The provisions we’ve put in place in relation to Manchester and Salford are consistent with previous approaches we’ve taken in that area,” Mr Swinney added.

Opposition parties in Holyrood have chastised Ms Sturgeon for surreptitiously bringing in rules that underlie the travel ban on Thursday without informing parliament.

Instead, she announced the adjustments at a news conference on Friday.

Travel between Scotland and Bolton, as well as Blackburn and Darwen, is still restricted.

Travel to portions of Scotland with similar case numbers is still possible.

Mr Burnham denied the SNP leader’s accusation that he was playing political games, saying the ban was imposed “in a very high-handed fashion without any notice.”

He also stated that Ms. Sturgeon’s government was on “shaky foundation,” and that his office had already received legal advice indicating that compensation should not have been denied.

“We’ll have to gather more and more cases of people and see the extent to which people have been affected,” Mr Burnham added.

He was pressed by the possibility of legal action. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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