A consumer at Asda describes ‘disgusting’ customer mistreatment of a service worker.


A consumer at Asda describes ‘disgusting’ customer mistreatment of a service worker.

A horrifying episode of “checkout anger” at the supermarket was brought to the attention of an ASDA shopper.

The woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, said she witnessed the incident on Friday afternoon at a Liverpool location of the chain. She claimed it all stemmed from a female Asda employee attempting to be helpful as the checkout lines became increasingly crowded.

“I’d been talking to her at the cashier about anxiety and saying she seemed anxious, because it was so crowded and everyone was grumbling there weren’t enough tills open,” the customer told the Liverpool Echo.

“I was at the back of the line because she had merely taken over to cover the rest of the line while another girl’s shift had ended.

“So the ‘till closed’ sign was up behind me, and when she was almost done serving me, she went on the headset and said it’s too crowded, and I should really stay open to help,” she explained.

This reportedly pushed several enraged customers into a rage, prompting them to approach the cash register and angrily assault the employee for remaining open.

”The sign was removed, and that’s when these two girls stormed over shouting at her, jumping in front of everyone in the queue that had just formed shouting you told us you were closed, now you’re open, we’ve had a baby with us,” the customer stated.

“She apologized profusely to them, but they refused to listen.

“I could tell she was nervous and embarrassed, so I said, ‘Leave her alone, she’s doing her job.’ She was done, but she opted to stay and help because it was so busy.”

The anonymous customer recognized that shop employees are subjected to “disgusting” behaviour that is unduly harsh, especially when they are only trying to do their jobs.

”It’s horrible how some people talk to employees who are simply doing their job,” she continued.

The consumer also said that the two young women who assaulted the checkout clerk did not have their faces covered.

“I felt so horrible for her that I went back on Saturday and left her a card and some positive things,” she continued.

“We do not condone any type of abuse towards our colleagues,” an Asda spokesperson stated. “Following the incident on Friday, the customers involved have been banned from this store.”

Alan Weston contributed additional reporting.


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