‘A colossal blunder!’ says the narrator. John Bolton slams Joe Biden’s blundering exit as “futile.”


‘A colossal blunder!’ says the narrator. John Bolton slams Joe Biden’s blundering exit as “futile.”

US PRESIDENT Joe Biden was chastised by Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, John Bolton, for his handling of the US pullout from Afghanistan, as John Bolton investigated what went wrong.

Mr Bolton made a vehement appearance on Channel 4 News, claiming that Joe Biden had made a “higher order” mistake and chastising him for his role in the US’s “futile struggle” in Afghanistan. He claimed that the US had “lost sight” of the original objective in Afghanistan, which was to function as a front defense for the US against terrorism rather than to construct a nation or introduce democracy to the region. His remarks came as the last US troops on Afghan soil, after 20 years in the country, withdrew on Tuesday. The departure was quickly followed by tales of boisterous Taliban gunfire celebrations as the terror group seized control of the airport. On the tarmac of the airfield, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid delivered a victory speech to Taliban fighters disguised in US military uniform.

“I didn’t anticipate it would end with America walking away,” the former national security advisor added.

“I don’t think we’ve ever been beaten in Afghanistan unless it was by ourselves!”

He called the withdrawal a “unforced folly,” and expressed severe concern about the “consequences” that would befall America and the western world as a whole.

In a direct attack on President Joe Biden, Mr. Bolton claimed that America and the West are now “less secure now” than they were before the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“This is a tremendous blunder!” Mr Bolton exclaimed.

“It started with negotiations with the Taliban during the Trump administration.

“Under Biden, it has persisted, and the execution of a faulty judgment has been mishandled badly!”

He emphasized that the disastrous retreat did not have to turn out this way before pointing to a series of critical faults he claimed were America’s failings throughout its involvement in the country.

Mr. Bolton argued that successive US administrations had “lost sight” of the reality that the “primary reason” for being in Afghanistan was to function as a “front defense of the United States” and its allies in order to prevent the Taliban from regaining control.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” the hardline former security adviser said.


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