A chicken without a head and a dose of reality


The plunge of the UK into a third lockdown and the leadership of Boris Johnson dominated the comment sections of newspapers.

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Paul Baldwin said it was difficult not to get angry when he watched the prime minister’s speech on Monday night.

“Angry at the way we’ve been lied to, angry at the way we’ve been treated like gullible toddlers, angry at mistake after mistake made by the people who are supposed to be in charge, the people who are supposed to be smart,” he said. “The Covid breakdowns, on issues that frankly would have been obvious to a child, were legion.”

He said that the nation and the prime minister had pinned their hopes on the vaccine, but that was muddled as well.

“How can America, which was so far behind in sorting out a vaccine, now be ahead of us while our numbers remain alarmingly low despite the fanfare?” he asked. “For a nation that’s already cynical about the state’s ability to handle this crisis, even the solution is starting to feel like a problem.”

The Guardianship

Marina Hyde said that we are doing the inevitable all too late again, “which means it has to be done much longer and much harder than if Johnson had shown some leadership and grasped the nettles.”

“No one should doubt that we are paying for his weakness and indecision with our lives, with the most bitter economic conditions and with vital freedoms,” she said. “It’s not that Boris Johnson can’t see around corners – it’s that he can’t see two steps straight ahead of him.”

“She said a headless chicken is the spirit animal of the prime minister. “On the other hand, Guinness World Records show that a farmer decapitated a chicken in Colorado in the 1940s, and the headless bird somehow survived and walked around for another 18 months. So, a year after his treatment of the pandemic, Boris Johnson still has plenty to do.

Independent of The

Boris Johnson attempted to blame the latest strain of the virus for the new lockdown, Tom Peck said, and refused to accept his errors in handling the pandemic.

Johnson was just apologizing for his own shortcomings in the past at this supposed moment of national reconciliation, and he clearly didn’t get away with it,” he said. “There is no one who thinks our joint efforts have succeeded. For weeks, his own scientists have been telling him they haven’t succeeded.

“He said that from one hour to the next, the government had no idea what it was doing. “If the Prime Minister wishes to ease the most painful weeks for himself and the rest of us, he can begin by injecting a generous dose of the real truth into himself and all of us. It’s not going to kill us. Maybe it would only make us stronger. Since the good Lord knows that by now we’re immune to bulls****.


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