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A bug’s life! Amazing macro pictures of tiny insects in Indonesia captured on a MOBILE PHONE camera

An Indonesian photographer has captured a series of amazing macro pictures of tiny insects using a mobile phone camera.  

Andi Sriyadi took these spectacular macro images with just a Samsung Galaxy A5 and modified lens from a £5 camera bought from an online marketplace.

A scaly Bunglon – a member of the lizard family – was captured crawling up a branch, before opening wide and greeting Andi with a grin.

And the keen photographer, 31, skilfully photographed a Praying Mantis and Jumping spider.

He also shot a luminous green grasshopper – who appeared nosey – clutching on to the edge to get a closer look.

Meanwhile a Damselfly pokes his head out of a half-eaten leaf.

The freelance writer got close to the crawly critters in West Java, Indonesia.

Andi said: ‘I have fallen in love with photography ever since I was in senior high school.

‘But due to the limited tools, including equipment, I chose macro photography in 2017.’

The nature-lover is adamant that this close-up work is more rewarding – as it brings people closer to learning the finer details about mammals.

‘Insect macro photography is simple and unique’, he admitted.

‘You can get unexpected details from the picture that you have taken.’

The amateur photographer has committed three years to this artwork and gathered a whopping 50,000-strong Instagram following.

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