A British soldier who fought ISIS warns that they are just as dangerous today as they were before.


A British soldier who fought ISIS warns that they are just as dangerous today as they were before.

A BRITISH man who fought alongside ISIS in Syria has warned that the group is “as much of a menace today” as it was before, adding that they are being “aggressive as possible” to guarantee their terror continues.

Macer Gifford, who quit his job as a currency trader in the City of London in 2015 to pick up a weapon and battle the Islamic State with Kurdish troops in Syria, said to This website how the Islamic State and ISIS were “as large a threat now” as they have ever been. Mr Gifford explained that this was due to a number of causes, the most important of which was the fact that the gang no longer has any terror to fight for, implying that they may and will “attack anywhere” in the future.

“I believe ISIS will evolve,” Mr Gifford added.

“All terrorist groups are flexible; you’ve seen how Al-Qaeda and ISIS have worked over the previous 10/20 years.”

“I believe ISIS wants to demonstrate to the world that they will survive, that they are still a menace to the west, and that they are still a force to be reckoned with,” he said.

However, the Kurdish fighter who completed three tours in Syria issued a sobering warning, saying that the group “is as much of a menace today as they were before.”

He explained that they represent a concern because they want to be “as violent as possible” and “ensure that their fear lives on and spreads.”

The fighter further explained how the group’s persistent threat to the west stems from the fact that they are no longer fighting for territory in Syria and Iraq.

Mr. Gifford explained that the Islamic State has “virtually been released from that war,” which “allows them to evolve and become more like Al-Qaeda, where they are harder to pin down.”

He went on to suggest that a key component of the threat’s persistence is the “mythical image” they project as a group, as they appear to be undefeated and still exist.

He emphasized how this image is critical to their continuous recruitment success and how it plays a key role in their “propaganda” production, which attracts potential combatants, sympathizers, and supporters.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” the Kurdish fighter concluded, explains how the threat from.


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