A brawler to the end: Donald Trump doesn’t want to give up. Opinion: Alison Rowat Alison Rowat



American cinema has created many past legends, some more noble than others, from Butch and Sundance to Thelma and Louise.

Perhaps in that sense, we should recognize Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United Statesreal-life ,’s attempts to cling to office after his 2020 election loss. He would never go quietly, we realized. A humble concession speech and best wishes to his successor are not for him. But Mr. Trump is going out, even by his standards, with a blaze of arrogance.

Letters on the Loss of Trump

The leaked phone call between the president and Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s secretary of state, was a star in a presidency not short on ‘Pinch Me’ moments. It was bizarre to hear Mr. Trump demand that the election officer “find” him 11,780 votes and “recalculate” the outcome to allow him to win the state. It should have been more than surprising, but it was yet another storyline in his presidential telenovela instead.

So was the request to the president by ten former defense secretaries to hold the military out of his wars. “we never thought we’d see the day, but …”We never thought we would see the day, but…

Again, Mr. Trump’s ironclad confidence in his indestructibility and his success among his followers must be accepted, if not admired. He can do no wrong in his eyes, in their hearts.

Mr. Trump has not restricted himself to a last-ditch effort; he seeks to attract as many as he can. Legal challenges (all rejected) to the election outcome, marches in Georgia, demonstrations in Washington DC on the occasion of the confirmation by Congress of Joe Biden as the election winner – he has not yet run out of ideas. And yet the clock is already ticking until its inauguration.

It is heartening to see that, as the sun goes down on the Trump presidency, Scotland could play a part. Caledonia, as the son of a Scottish woman, has been present in the life of The Donald from the beginning. If rumours of the weekend are real, he is more likely to travel to Scotland to visit his golf courses than to attend the inauguration of Mr. Biden.

Explanation of the Electoral College vote.

At least that could have been the intention before it was brought to the attention of Scotland’s First Minister, who reminded Mr. Trump promptly that the country had been closed to visitors.

“We don’t allow anyone to come to Scotland at the moment without a substantial purpose,” said Nicola Sturgeon, “and that applies to him as much as anyone else. Coming to play golf is not what I would consider an essential purpose.”

Only a couple of days went by before the Scottish government rolled out Mr. Trump’s welcome mat and could hardly accommodate him enough. To a man not known for his thick skin, the rebuffs in Scotland, many of them from Ms. Sturgeon and her ministers, must have hurt.

Regardless of whether he is soon moving here to dodge the inauguration, what a diplomatic kerfuffle that would cause, Scotland, America, and the world have not seen Mr. Trump’s last one.

First Minister issues the President’s travel notice

After the Biden victory, there was a tendency in some quarters to see America as a country hitting “reset” and wanting to return to a commonly held notion of normalcy. America is back in business, back as a cheerleader of social democracy, an environmental defender, and a justice champion. A needed counterweight in the world to a rising China and a rogue Russia.

Still, it would be a mistake to write off the last four years and the Trump phenomenon as a whole as an insignificant interruption to normal operations. The election is over, but Trump voters, all 74,223,251 of them, aren’t going anywhere.

In polls, a majority of them believe Mr. Trump’s claim that he won, only to have victory taken away by elitist forces running a national and global conspiracy. It is a ridiculous notion, but it still matters if enough people continue to believe it.

Far from wanting to get rid of him, Trump supporters are only too eager for him to run again, and if not him, then his running mate Mike Pence, followed by Donald Trump Jr.

If his hype was to be believed, the wealthy and privileged Mr. Trump was the last hope of working-class America for a fair shake. Like his supporters, this idea persists. It could turn out to be sog


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