A 92-year-old dementia patient was left waiting for three hours for an ambulance.


A 92-year-old dementia patient was left waiting for three hours for an ambulance.

After falling backwards onto a pile of stones in her garden, a 92-year-old woman with dementia had to wait nearly three hours for an ambulance.

Alison Irvine, Isabel Irvine’s 60-year-old daughter, was left “angry, upset, and frustrated” when her mother was left laying on the ground for three hours on Saturday due to “exceptionally busy” ambulance workers.

Isabel was sitting in her garden with a friend when she tripped and fell backwards onto a mound of jagged stones.

Alison dashed outdoors to find her mother’s head gushing, her breathing difficult, and her lips bluish.

When Alison dialed 999 at 4.40 p.m., she was advised that an ambulance may take up to five hours to arrive.

“I was over myself with fear,” Alison told the Daily Record. I had a feeling she wouldn’t last that long. At 5.17 p.m., a paramedic called to say mum had been upgraded to an hour wait, but when it didn’t arrive at 6.22 p.m., I called again and told them her breathing was terrible.”

Alison complained that her neck hurt as she tried to lift her mother. Alison, a former nurse, understood her mother shouldn’t be moved, so she wrapped her in quilts and coats and placed cushions under her head to keep the stones at bay.

“I knelt beside her and embraced her to try to keep her warm,” Alison added. She stated she needed to use the restroom urgently, but I told her she could just do it lying down. Seeing her in that state was devastating.

“I was afraid she’d die in an undignified heap in her own urine.”

At around 7.33 p.m., an ambulance came at Isabel’s sheltered housing complex in East Kilbride and brought her to Hairmyres Hospital.

Isabel was placed on a trolley in a corridor until 9.43 p.m., when she was finally evaluated by a triage nurse.

“The nurse was concerned about her low oxygen levels when she was assessed, but mom didn’t go into a cubicle until 12.39am and was sent for a head scan at 2.13am before being transported to a ward an hour later,” Alison continued.

Isabel continues to be monitored in the hospital.

“I am perplexed as to what has happened to our NHS,” Alison stated. “Brinkwire Summary News” says it’s gone down the drain.


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