7 people have died and over 30 have been injured as a result of a cliff collapse onto motorboats.


7 people have died and over 30 have been injured as a result of a cliff collapse onto motorboats.

A cliff wall collapsed onto boats in Brazil, killing at least seven people and injuring over 30 others.

Men and women screamed as a huge flat section of rock broke off from the canyon wall and toppled onto two leisure boats beneath the Furnas lake in Capitólio, according to footage captured on the scene.

One of the boats appears to have avoided the worst of the fall but is swallowed by broken rock and the resulting wave, while the other appears to have been directly hit and sunk.

Before the collision, one passenger can be seen jumping from the side of the boat, wearing a life jacket.

In the video, four boats appear to have escaped the canyon wall that is collapsing.

As the camera operator takes cover from the approaching debris, the seven-second footage ends.

Around 11:00 a.m. local time (12:00 p.m. GMT), the building collapsed.

URGENTE!!! Pedras fall from the sky in Capitólio, Minas, destroying three lanchas. pic.twitter.com784wN6HbFy

Three ships were hit by falling rock, according to Lieutenant Pedro Aihara.

Nine people have been taken to the hospital out of the 32 injured.

23 of the 32 people were treated for minor injuries, while the rest were treated for broken bones.

Divers and helicopters are reportedly on the scene searching for more survivors in the water.

Initially, twenty people were said to be missing, but Lt Aihara told reporters that after checking hospital lists, the majority of them had been found.

Three people were still missing as of this writing.

The “sea of Minas” lake, about 260 miles north of Sao Paulo, is a popular tourist attraction.

The cliff collapsed following days of rain in Minas Gerais, which local fire officials say made it more vulnerable to collapse.

URGENTE – A cachoeira in the Canyon of Furnas was discovered minutes before an accident involving a cliff collapse in Capitólio, Minas GeraisSC.

Observe the constant volume in the cachoeira. pic.twitter.coms317JggF7k

Tourists soaking up the spray from a waterfall just minutes before the rocks fell, according to a separate video posted by Conexo GeoClima, a Brazilian scientific research organization.

“Minutes before the accident with the rock fall in Capitolio, Minas Gerais, a head of water was recorded in the Furnas Canyon waterfall,” it said in a tweet.

Take notice of the waterfall’s sudden volume.”

Governor of the state

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