£5 billion has been invested in flood defenses in England, with the goal of protecting 336,000 homes and businesses.


£5 billion has been invested in flood defenses in England, with the goal of protecting 336,000 homes and businesses.

THOUSANDS of flood-prone homes and businesses will be better protected thanks to a £5.2 billion investment, the government will announce today.

The money will be invested in 1,000 projects over the next six years, benefiting 336,000 residences.

Approximately £860 million will be spent between 2021 and 2022, with the ultimate goal of reducing England’s flood risk by 11%. The money, according to the Environmental Agency, will help prevent £32 billion in economic losses.

It comes in the wake of recent flash floods in London and elsewhere.

“The awful events in Germany and Belgium serve as a somber reminder of how deadly floods can be,” Environment Secretary George Eustice said.

“We are standing behind communities and will enhance flood defences across England, with many thousands more properties better secured by 2027.” This year, the Radcliffe & Redvales Flood Risk Management Scheme in Greater Manchester will receive at least £8 million to protect 800 homes and businesses.

The Hebden Bridge Flood Alleviation Scheme in West Yorkshire will receive around £4.4 million to better safeguard 400 dwellings in a community with a long history of floods.

As a result of the changes, insurers can now pay for the installation of resilience measures such as air brick covers, flood doors, and flood resistant plasterboard following a flood.

Meanwhile, new flood risk information has been issued to local governments so that they can better comply with planning regulations.

“Our measures will guarantee that communities know that future developments will be safe from floods,” said Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick. A separate Government consultation on flooding will be held in the autumn.

Thunderstorms unleashed devastating flooding to London — not far from the 2012 Olympic park – as the Olympic Games began in Tokyo.

Floods killed dozens of people in Germany and Belgium last week. Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, described the aftermath as “surreal, haunting.”

Storms are becoming more severe as a result of the climate emergency, posing a bigger threat to people’s lives and the economy.

We don’t have any other option except to cope with it. The Green Britain crusade of the Express is completely correct: preventing climate change may lead to more jobs, prosperity, and a cleaner earth.

This entails erecting flood barriers and planting trees in order to restore the environment where rain was once absorbed by nature.

If you want to be prepared, go online and look up “Prepare Act Survive,” assess your risk, and register for flood warnings. This has the potential to save your life.

As Britain’s athletes have demonstrated time and time again. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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