16 bodies have been discovered near the Jaguar Land Rover factory, posing a mystery.


16 bodies have been discovered near the Jaguar Land Rover factory, posing a mystery.

THE BODIES OF 16 PEOPLE discovered in an unmarked grave have been returned to their rightful owners after a lengthy investigation into their origins.

The remains were discovered near the Jaguar Land Rover facility in Solihull, West Midlands, in November last year, and police have been attempting to figure out where they came from since then.

Despite a thorough investigation, West Midlands Constabulary and archaeologists were unable to identify the victims, with the exception of one woman known as ‘Sarah.’

The bones were laid to rest at Elmdon Church, close to where they were discovered, and were given a typical Victorian burial by George John Funeral Directors.

According to Birmingham Live, the bones were returned in a coffin marked “unknown folks” by a horse-drawn carriage.

“There were no identification among the remains other from part of a headstone,” said George Cutler, owner of the funeral home. However, aspects of the bones that we would ordinarily need to identify them, such as the surname and dates, were missing.

“We could see that it stated ‘Sarah, the wife of,’ so we started looking at survey maps based on that, but there was never a cemetery in the area where they were discovered. It was a little perplexing.”

The bones belonged to persons who died during the 18th and 20th centuries, according to a carbon dating test. The coffin handles were later identified as being from the 1800s.

Researchers guessed the persons were initially buried in the adjacent Elmdon Churchyard based on ancestry, historical survey maps, and information on headstones in the region, yet concerns remain as to why they wound up so far away from their intended burial place.

“The only graveyard close by was the one at the church, and after looking into it, we were able to say that this headstone had definitely been there at some point,” George explained.

“We believe the instructions were to transport these bodies to the opposite corners of the graveyard when the church had an addition built over an older part of the graveyard.

“We can’t be certain it’s the same one, because this gravestone was missing when someone made a survey of the headstones after the extension.

“It appears to us that these remains were not moved where they were supposed to be. “Brinkwire Summary News”. We have no idea why.”


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