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Most of us start the new year with ambitious plans for healthier eating and more exercise…. Plans that, after only a few weeks, are generally thrown out the window. But if you find another way to workout, you’re less likely to get bored, and we could use some alternative ways to stay fit with gyms closed for the near future. Some of the best are here.

Take a climb in the mountains

Scotland is renowned for its array of beautiful hills and Munros, with Munro-bagging being especially common in the summer as Scottish sojourns were exchanged for foreign vacations.

But if you’re not lucky enough to have a Munro in your local area, existing limits on Tier 4 mean you’re not allowed to climb one at the moment.

That doesn’t mean, though, that you need to skip the health benefits that come with climbing a hill, both mental and physical. There are several smaller hills spread nationally, including North Berwick Law in East Lothian, Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Conic Hill in Balmaha, Ben A’an in the Trossachs, Criffel Hill in Dumfries, Bennachie in Aberdeenshire, Gouk Hill in Helensburgh, Duncolm in Old Kilpatrick… We should just move on.

Try pole dancing at Glasgow’s Pole Place

Victoria Chambers 2/4,

142 Nile Street West, Glasgow

Granted, it doesn’t have the best reputation for pole dancing. But in recent years, among fitness fanatics who have discovered the excellent workout a pole can offer, it has built a fresh following. It burns calories, helps to build healthy bones and strengthens the heart and main muscles (without placing pressure on the joints).

Depending on your faith and fitness level, this Glasgow studio provides group classes or private lessons.

If you are still uncertain, however, then engage in a taster session – this will give you the opportunity to try pole fitness before committing to a class or private lessons.

Pole Fitness is currently closed until mid-January due to Tier 4 limitations, but is accepting bookings for six-week beginner classes beginning later this month.


Be deliberate about taking the stairs

It sounds incredibly easy, but your health will make a noticeable difference by taking the stairs more frequently.

It will boost your aerobic capacity, bone density, cholesterol levels and help you lose weight steadily, all without walking into a gym.

The most noticeable change will be to use the stairs instead of the elevator if you live in an apartment, but you can also use the stairs at your office, for a stroll, or in some other case.

There are also several exercises on the stairs that you can try.

Find a local bootcamp, military-style

Although some individuals are able to pull themselves out of bed for a morning jog, when it comes to exercise, others have a much tougher time motivating themselves. You’ll probably benefit from a military-style boot camp if you’re one of the latter, where there’s no space for lounging or relaxing.

There are many boot camps across the world, but in a group environment led by an unrelenting trainer, most offer a mix of high-energy workouts.

Best of all, under Covid 19 limitations, these outdoor boot camps are among the only fitness classes permitted to stay open (although with restricted enrollment) – ideal for those who are very serious about getting fit. A fast internet search can uncover an option near you – an especially common choice is the Military Fit Bootcamp at Glasgow’s Rouken Glen Park.

Dance around, dance around

While dancing, the average human burns up to 800 calories per hour. But dancing is not only an important type of exercise, it’s enjoyable as well, and you may not even know that you burn calories.

We can not go dancing as much as we would like because of the pandemic, but you can always dance at home: with digital consoles, YouTube,

Or just put on some music and dance around the living room with videos.

To add some extra energy to the dancing, include your kids, too.

Go biking in the mountains

The wet, muddy terrain that’s ubiquitous this time of year isn’t exactly conducive to an enjoyable


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