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​2020 ZGC innovation competition kicks off with anti-epidemic session

The 2020 Zhongguancun International Frontier Technology Innovation Competition kicked off on May 20. A special session on combating COVID-19 is being held at this year’s competition in response to the normalized pandemic control status in China and the continuing spread of the pandemic globally. Most of the competition activities are taking place online to make it easier for international competitors to participate. 

The special session has three sub-categories: virus detection technology, biomedicine, and medical equipment. The categories are aimed at promoting the development of key anti-epidemic technologies to address urgent needs in the fight against COVID-19. 

The competition also entails sessions of other cutting-edge technologies such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing, and new materials. It invites global innovative companies, cutting-edge technology teams, key laboratories and others to compete. Those that place in the top three and qualify for the Zhongguancun Frontier Technology Projects could receive up to 5 million yuan in funding support for their projects. The top 10 in each session would receive three-year rent reduction and exemption in Zhonguancun Frontier Innovation Center. 

Zhongguancun International Frontier Technology Innovation Competition has been held annually since 2017. Over 200 high-quality projects have been selected from around the globe, and a batch of projects have become eligible for expedited access to the Zhongguancun Frontier Technology Special Fund and gained financial support. Among them, dozens of domestic and overseas projects have successfully landed in Beijing.

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