Your REAL health age (and how many years you have left) can be found using an online calculator.


Your REAL health age (and how many years you have left) can be found using an online calculator.

While everyone has a lifetime, you also have a healthspan, or the number of years you may expect to live in excellent health.

This helpful online calculator will tell you your true health age as well as how many years you have left.

Experts from Vitality and RAND Europe created an algorithm that takes into account your age, gender, and lifestyle choices to establish your true health age.

According to Vitality, people in the UK are living on average 12 years in poor health, which is 14% longer than in 1990.

It was shown that on average, 16 percent of a woman’s life is predicted to be spent in poor health, whereas 13 percent of a man’s life is likely to be spent in poor health.

According to experts, the rising number of years spent in poor health is largely due to the rising prevalence of chronic diseases and lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions, and mental health, as well as certain risk factors such as BMI (body mass index) rising at younger ages.

Small dietary changes and increased exercise, depending on your age and lifestyle, may help you live longer.

The calculator not only shows you your true health age, but it also informs you how long you have left to live and how many of those years may be spent in poor health – here’s how to use it.

To begin, go to the online calculator page and select the ‘get started’ button.

From here, you’ll be asked a series of health-related questions, beginning with your gender and date of birth.

Then you’ll be quizzed on your weekly activity routines, as well as questions on your oxygen levels and cardiovascular health.

Remember to answer all of the questions truthfully in order to gain an accurate picture of your health.

The following round of questions is about your diet, and you’ll be questioned about how much grain, legumes, nuts, and seeds you eat, as well as how much fruit, vegetables, red meat, processed meat, sugary drinks, and salt you consume.

Following that, you’ll be questioned about your height, weight, blood pressure, and whether or not you’ve seen a doctor and been prescribed hypertension medication.

Other questions include those about your cholesterol levels, fasting glucose level, and whether or not you are currently being treated for diabetes by a physician.

When it comes to your lifestyle, you’ll be asked how much alcohol you consume on a weekly basis, whether or not you smoke, and how much sleep you get.

The program will then calculate your results, revealing how many years you have left to live and how many of those years you will spend in poor health.

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