‘You can still have wine,’ says a YouTube guru with 400k subscribers who promotes a’rewarding’ diet.


‘You can still drink wine,’ says YouTube guru with 400k subscribers, who promotes a’rewarding’ diet plan.

Carly Rowena, a FITNESS expert with a sizable online following, talked about her “rewarding” approach to healthy eating.

Carly Rowena’s workouts and candid approach to fitness and wellness have earned her a large social media following.

She talked to This Website about a long-term approach to eating more healthily.

For almost a decade, Carly has worked as a personal trainer.

She focuses on helping you feel your best and moving in the way that is most comfortable for you.

LetsSweat, her online workouts, and LetsEat, her customized nutritional plans, are designed to help clients improve their health and happiness.

The fitness guru has 420k YouTube subscribers and regularly uploads workout videos to her channel.

The health advocate talked about a key weight loss and fitness strategy she recommends for slimming down and maintaining results.

“It’s asking people what we can incorporate,” Carly explained.

Diets, she explained, tend to focus on removing foods rather than introducing new ones.

“People never think to add stuff in, but that means they can keep their wine and their alcohol, but they’re also adding some new things they weren’t doing before, which can make a big difference.”

Focus on adding more nutritious foods rather than eliminating favorites like chocolate and crisps.

This includes more fruits and vegetables, as well as lean proteins.

“So instead of taking things away, I try to recommend adding something in,” the fitness expert continued.

A new fitness routine should be approached similarly.

Carly recommends taking things slowly and tackling each challenge one at a time.

“When starting a new routine, all I want you to do the first week is add in a walk, a workout, or some water,” she said.

“I only have one request.

Then we gradually added something new.

“If some people are really good at it, they can add something new every two days or something like that.”

“However, some people have a hard time.

In that case, just try something new once a week.”

This method works for her clothes, according to the wellness enthusiast.

“If you add in new things, the old things will gradually be pushed out without you realising it because you won’t have the space or because we were thinking about them so much,” she explained.

Foods to be added are displayed.

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