With the launch of a new vegan pizza, Domino’s is expanding its vegan offering – and there’s a way to save 50%.


With the launch of a new vegan pizza, Domino’s is expanding its vegan offering – and there’s a way to save 50%.

DOMINO’S has added a brand new vegan item to its menu in honor of Veganuary.

Find out more about the PepperoNAY Pizza, a delicious new addition that is sure to be a hit.

Domino’s has added a new delicious pizza to its menu that is sure to become a classic.

Discover everything you need to know about it, whether you’re a vegan or just trying to eat more plant-based dishes.

Domino’s is ringing in the new year by expanding its vegan food selection.

In honor of Veganuary, the pizza company has released a new vegan-friendly version of its famous Pepperoni pizza.

The new Vegan PepperoNAY is now available for purchase and is sure to be a hit with friends and family.

Don’t miss out on this vegan pizza made with vegan cheese, fresh vegan dough, tomato sauce, and specially created vegan pepperoni from The Vegetarian Butcher.

The new Vegan PepperoNAY comes with a vegan-friendly Garlic and Herb dip.

A medium Vegan PepperoNAY classic crust costs £17.99, and a large costs £19.99.

Furthermore, Domino’s is currently running a promotion in which customers can save 50% on orders of £30 or more.

When ordering online, use the promo code ‘FEEDME50’ at checkout.

Here is where you can place an online Domino’s order.

The Vegan PepperoNAY joins the Vegan Margherita, The Chick-Ain’t, and Vegan Vegi Supreme as the newest additions to the range.

Dominos has seen a 73 percent increase in orders from its vegan-friendly menu in the last year.

Melanie Howe, a PepperoNAY Picker at Domino’s, said, “We can’t wait to bring Vegan PepperoNAY to the masses after much experimenting in the Domino’s kitchens, with plenty of taste tests.”

“These smoky PepperoNAY slices are going to be a hit!” she added.

Domino’s is now accepting online orders for the pizza.

Vegan Nuggets, Vegan Soya Strips, Vegan Cheese alternative, and other vegan options are available at Dominos.

The Vegan Garlic and Herb Dip, BBQ Dip, and Frank’s® RedHot® Dip are among the vegan dips available.

Here’s where you can place your Domino’s order.


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