Why should you eat fruit instead of drinking juice? An expert advises that drinking juice can be harmful.


Why should you eat fruit instead of drinking juice? An expert advises that drinking juice can be harmful.

Fruit juice is typically seen to be healthy; after all, fruit is a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals, so why shouldn’t the juice be? Fruits should be eaten whole rather than juiced, according to one expert. Fruit juice may be harmful to those with certain health issues.

Apples have been shown to aid digestion, blueberries can help combat disease-causing free radicals, and bananas can assist boost the growth of helpful bacteria in the stomach. While fruits provide a variety of health benefits, drinking fruit juice may not provide the same benefits. Dr. Gary Bartlett, a GP, suggests consuming entire fruits rather than fruit juice.

“When you eat a whole fruit, the dietary fibre in the pulp and peel bonds to the natural sugar in the fruit as it passes through your digestive system,” he stated.

“Your body has to work harder and take longer to absorb the sugar because of this binding action. According to Dr. Bartlett, “as a result, the sugar from fruit builds in your blood at a lower and slower rate if you eat the fruit whole than if you drink straight fruit juice.” Drinking straight fruit juice, on the other hand, causes a surge in blood sugar.

“Your body will swiftly produce insulin in reaction to the high blood sugar levels, resulting in a huge amount of the sugar in your blood being converted to fat and glycogen,” he stated. Pfizer vaccine: Rates of deep vein thrombosis and thrombocytopenia rise following vaccination.

“In this fashion, the blood sugar increase is followed by a sharp drop in blood sugar (unless you eat additional food), leaving you hungry once more.

“If you’re hungry, you’ll eat more.” In conclusion, drinking pure fruit juice causes poorer blood sugar management and thus greater calorie consumption as compared to eating whole fruits.

“If you want to consume juice, juicing whole fruits at home is an excellent idea,” Dr. Bartlett said.

He also warned: “In my experience, a lot of type 2 diabetics will consume a lot of fruit juice thinking that they are making good choices, when in fact they are causing injury to themselves with high blood sugars.” The NHS does state fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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