Why do we feel so much agony in our heads, and how can we stop it?


Why do we feel so much agony in our heads, and how can we stop it?

Millions of people suffer from poor backs and headaches, but according to a leading medical expert, it’s all a big misunderstanding! Everything we think we know about pain is completely incorrect. By “we,” I mean society as a whole, as well as the majority of people in and out of the medical profession. And millions of people’s lives are being ruined as a result of this misconception.

Most of us believe that pain is a warning system that alerts us to damage in our bodies. This appears to be the case. However, that is absolutely wrong. To begin to address the growing pain epidemic (approximately a fifth of the population suffers from chronic pain), we must first understand what pain is.

After a long day working as a junior doctor on an acute medical unit, I began to consider this. While my consultant assessed Paul, an IT worker in his forties, I was taking down notes.

Paul was lying in the hospital bed, his lower back clutched and a tired scowl on his face. He had been suffering from chronic low back discomfort for the preceding year. The pain began as short, acute twinges that came and went, but it gradually became more intense and was now felt continually. Paul had been gradually withdrawing from society, giving up golf first, then going to the pub with friends, and finally seldom leaving the house.

His personal life was also crumbling in on him: his father had died a few months before, and his wife had just left him. Paul’s agony was so bad this morning that he couldn’t get out of bed at first and needed his son to drive him to the hospital. When he arrived, we conducted a series of procedures, ranging from blood tests to an MRI scan, all of which came back normal.

My consultant went over the records with Paul and described the findings: “As you can see, your tests are all perfectly normal. The good news is that you have no physical problems.” “You’re telling me it’s all in my head?” Paul winced once again, and we all winced along with him. “Of course, erm, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, The essential thing to remember is that it isn’t anything serious! We can give you some strong medications to take home with you, but I believe your doctor will.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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