WHO cautions that a new Covid strain is a “constellation of mutations,” and it’s already in the UK.


WHO cautions that a new Covid strain is a “constellation of mutations,” and it’s already in the UK.

THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) has identified Mu, or B.1.621, as a variation of interest, which first mutated in Colombia. The new variety has been defined as a “constellation of mutations,” and early research have showed that it is as vaccine resistant as the South African Beta version.

While additional research is needed to determine the extent to which the Mu variant can evade vaccine effects, it is the WHO’s fifth COVID-19 variant to be designated as a variant of interest. There are four other variants that are causing concern, but further research is needed to establish whether or not the Mu strain will be classified as such. Although early data indicate that Mu’s transmission rate is similar to that of the Delta variation, which is now the dominant strain in the UK, Mu has showed evidence of vaccination resistance.

The WHO stated there have been “sporadic reports” of growing cases and outbreaks in South America and now Europe since it was first detected in January 2021.

The number of mutations that suggest Mu might reduce vaccine efficacy has caused considerable concern among world leaders. According to preliminary WHO statistics, vaccine effectiveness is “similar to that seen for the beta variant,” which has caused little over 1,000 cases in the UK and is found in more than 50 countries around the world.

So far, 55 cases of the Mu variety have been identified in England, but none elsewhere in the UK, with infections rising slowly but gradually.

With Mu spreading from South America to 39 nations around the world, including a rapid spike in the United States, the European Union has urged a halt to all non-essential travel from the United States.

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Since March 16, 2020, British nationals who have been in the country for the past 14 days have been unable to enter the United States, with tight restrictions at the US border.

While the UK would not prevent British citizens from visiting the United States this summer, most will be unable to do so due to current limitations. In addition, the CDCP continues to caution US residents avoid visiting the UK in an effort to halt the spread of the virus. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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