When I learned that I needed NINE cancer-ridden organs removed, I burst into tears.


When I learned that I needed NINE cancer-ridden organs removed, I burst into tears.

A MOTHER OF TWO has revealed the details of her horrifying cancer treatment, which included a ten-hour operation to remove NINE organs.

Lucy Payne, 37, underwent one of the most invasive and uncommon operations ever performed in the UK, dubbed “the mother of all surgeries” by medical professionals.

“I broke down in tears when surgeons informed me all the organs they would remove to save my life,” Lucy said.

“Everything I could live without was about to be taken away.” It was difficult to hear, and even more difficult to comprehend how you might survive it.

“But I knew I had no other choice since I was so anxious to get rid of the disease inside of me.” For the sake of my family, I had to get through it.” Lucy is coming out in support of Cancer Research UK and Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer campaign, which aims to raise funding for life-saving cancer research.

In November 2020, ten months after giving birth to her second daughter, Eadie, she was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer.

Her symptoms, however, had begun about a year before, during her pregnancy.

While pregnant with Eadie in 2019, Lucy experienced stomach aches and excessive exhaustion, which doctors attributed to the pregnancy.

“I was incredibly weary and had a lot of aches and pains,” Lucy, of Wells, Somerset, said.

“I continued going to my midwife, but she just told it was because I was pregnant.” My iron levels were checked with blood testing, but no one could find anything wrong.” Eadie was born healthy and strong, weighing 7 pounds and 10 ounces. When acute pain under her ribs didn’t go away six months after giving birth, Lucy went to her doctor.

Her stomach was bloated, and she was experiencing pelvic pain.

Lucy, who is married to Stephen, a 40-year-old transportation planner, was referred for an ultrasound, which found ovarian cysts, uterine polyps, and kidney stones.

The polyps were removed after an ultrasound, and examinations confirmed that they were benign.

Doctors thought Lucy was too young to get cancer at the age of 36. She was scheduled for regular scans to monitor the cysts as well as a CT scan to check for kidney stones.

“It was at that scan in October 2020 that the urologist spotted something that had previously gone unnoticed,” she explained. A comprehensive chest and abdomen CT scan was ordered for me.

“A few days later, they called and told me I needed to come in and bring someone with me.” That’s when I realized there was something severely wrong.

“My best buddy arrived at the same time as my husband… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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