When do you feel the most infectious from Covid?


When do you feel the most infectious from Covid?

CORONAVIRUS has wreaked havoc on our lives, but when are you most likely to spread the virus to others if you get it?

Covid is easily passed from person to person, and the new Delta strain, which is currently the dominant strain in the UK, is thought to be much more contagious than prior strains. If you catch Covid, you’ll have to isolate yourself to protect others, but when are you most likely to pass it on?

The pandemic is far from over, despite the relaxation of all Covid restrictions in England starting next week.

After the limitations are lifted on July 19, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has cautioned Brits not to have a “great jubilee.”

“It is extremely crucial that we go now with prudence, and I cannot say this firmly or emphatically enough – this pandemic is not over,” he warned of the loosening of restrictions.

“I normally urge everyone to think of others and evaluate the risks,” he continued.

The incubation period (the time between exposure to the virus and the onset of symptoms) is considered to be between two and fourteen days.

However, symptoms usually develop four to five days following contact.

If someone is infected with Covid, they may become contagious 48 hours before symptoms appear.

This is concerning because, according to Harvard Medical School, persons are most likely to distribute Covid to others in the 48 hours leading up to symptom onset.

One of the reasons why Brits have been advised to obtain frequent Covid testing is because they could be infected with the virus and unknowingly spreading it to others before symptoms appear.

“About one in three people with COVID-19 do not have symptoms but can still infect others,” according to the NHS.

“This is why it is recommended that everyone get checked on a regular basis.”

If you have Covid symptoms or have been into touch with someone who has tested positive, the NHS recommends that you:

As soon as possible, get a PCR test (a test that is submitted to a lab) to see if you have COVID-19.

Only leave your home to have a test, and you and anyone you live with should stay at home and not have guests until you have your test results.

If you’ve been in, anyone in your childcare or support bubble should also stay at home. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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