What your body odour implies about your health and the five reasons why your perspiration stinks.


What your body odour implies about your health and the five reasons why your perspiration stinks.

BODY ODOUR: What might a change in the odor of your perspiration reveal about your health?

Have you recently discovered that you smell a little different? Most of us don’t like smelling bad and use deodorant or perfume to mask our natural odors, but did you know that the scent of your perspiration might provide information about your health?

The human body has an average of three million sweat glands, and while exercising, you can sweat between 700ml and 1.5 litres every hour.

We sweat all over our body to stay cool and keep our skin moisturized, but there are three types of sweat glands: eccrine, apocrine, and apoeccrine.

Sweat from the apoeccrine glands, which are present in the breasts, face, scalp, perineum, and underarms, is the only part of the body that can smell.

In the correct circumstances, such as working up a sweat in the gym, getting hot and sweaty can be beneficial.

However, if your perspiration begins to smell strange, it could indicate a health issue.

Sweating more can result in a foul body odor.

Sweat interacts with microorganisms that naturally exist on your skin when you sweat more, resulting in a foul odor.

This could be due to a condition known as hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweating.

This odor can also be caused by eating fragrant foods such as garlic or oregano.

The ammonia in your urine is what gives it its characteristic odor.

Sweat with high quantities of ammonia might have a slight urine odor, which is obviously unpleasant.

Sweat that smells like urine, on the other hand, could be a sign of something more serious.

The scent of your body can be unusual and unpleasant if you have liver or kidney illness.

If your liver or kidneys aren’t working properly, toxins that should be filtered out of your body can build up instead.

Sweat may smell like ammonia or urine as a result of this.

Yeast is a fundamental component of the delightful aroma of freshly baked bread, but it is far less appealing when it appears on your skin.

Yeast infections are most frequently connected with vaginal infections, but did you know you can develop them in your armpits as well?

Your perspiration may smell like bread dough if you have a vaginal yeast infection or a yeast infection in your armpits.

A vinegary odor could indicate a number of different health issues.

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