Weight loss: With a change in diet, a man lost a massive 6 stone in just two years – ‘I can have treats,’ he says.


Weight loss: With a change in diet, a man lost a massive 6 stone in just two years – ‘I can have treats,’ he says.

Simon Maguire felt he needed to lose weight after gaining weight in the years following his mother’s death.

Simon began his weight loss journey two years ago, after deciding to face his “demons” and losing a massive six stone.

Simon’s weight loss journey began when he was 21 stone and a half.

Luxury Family Hotels’ managing director, 40, now weighs a healthy 15 stone.

Simon said he used “food, alcohol, and painkillers to hide the trauma” after losing his mother when he was 15 years old.

He began to put on weight and eventually became obese.

However, in 2019, the now 40-year-old determined that something needed to be done.

He began to eliminate certain foods, as well as alcohol, from his diet and began to exercise regularly.

Simon, who is now 15 stone, is preparing for this year’s Iron Man in memory of his mother.

The managing director is raising money for Alabare, a charity that assists people who have been through trauma and have turned to addiction as a coping mechanism.

Simon will swim 3.8 kilometers, cycle 180 kilometers, and run 42 kilometers on the same day.

But, first and foremost, how did Simon get in shape?

Simon emphasized the importance of “consistency and progress” in weight loss.

His transition from daily drinking to once a week drinking to no drinking was gradual.

Simon said he “cut out processed snack foods and replaced them with nuts, fruits, and seeds” in terms of his diet.

“One meal is a salad – either lunch or dinner – and it is normally big with lots of tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, spring onions, and butternut squash,” he said of the meals.

“I can still have treats because the other meals aren’t defined.”

This means Simon can continue to enjoy his favorite foods and beverages, such as coffee and dark chocolate.

He used to drink milky coffee and milk chocolate before his weight loss transformation.

Simon added, “I also allow myself the occasional piece of cake or takeaway.”

Simon’s “biggest challenge yet,” however, was to compete in Iron Man, for which he is still preparing.

Exercise has helped the 40-year-old shed pounds while also improving his physical and mental health.

“I finally faced my loss head on after many years of hiding from the grief of losing my mother by turning to alcohol, painkillers, and food,” Simon explained.

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