Weight loss: The best and worst snacks and meals for your waistline on the high street


Weight loss: The best and worst snacks and meals for your waistline on the high street

DIET plans are difficult to stick to even when you’re not hungry, but what if you’re hungry and need to buy something on the high street? Knowing exactly what you’re eating can be challenging.

Thankfully, a dietitian has compiled a list of the best and worst selections from high-street eateries. There’s even a latte that contains three times the daily sugar allowance.

Nutritionist Tamara Willner detailed the worst offenders and the healthiest options from a variety of high street favorites, including Pret, Costa, Cafe Nero, and McDonald’s, for NHS-backed healthy eating initiative Second Nature.

Muffin with Double Berry Filling (441kcal, 21.6g Fat, 2.5g Sat Fat, 53.4g 30.5g Sugar Carbs, 6.6g Protein)

Shake with chocolate (439kcal, 11.2g Fat, 8.3g Sat Fat, 71.5g Carbs, 60.7g Sugar, 11.2g Protein)

“A wonderfully sumptuous smoothie with a staggering 439kcal and almost 60g of sugar,” Tamara commented.

“When you mix this with the 441 kcal per serving double berry muffin, you get a combined portion of 91g sugar (more than three times the recommended daily allowance).”

Salad Nicoise de Tuna (455kcal, 33..6 Fat, 4.9 Sat Fat, 7.4g Carbs, 5.8g Sugar, 28g Protein, 1.6g Salt)

Peppermint Tea (0 kcal, 0 g Carbs, 0 g Sugar) or Black Americano (0 kcal, 0 g Carbs, 0 g Sugar) (0kcal, 0g Carbs, 0g Sugar)

“This salad is a well-balanced lunch with 455kcal per serving, comprising a good dose of protein and healthy fats,” Tamara explained.

“This is a terrific low-carbohydrate alternative for feeling fuller for longer. For a decaf option, try a peppermint tea or a Black Americano while keeping your caffeine intake in check.”

Pret is available for delivery with Deliveroo.

148g slice carrot and walnut cake (576kcal, 26g fat, 5g sat fat, 78g carbs, 45g sugar, 6.3g protein)

“While a slice of cake with our coffee may not seem excessively extravagant (especially if it contains vegetables), we are ingesting 9 teaspoons of sugar in just one slice of Costa’s carrot and walnut cake,” Tamara explained.

Frostino with regular Mint Choc Chips and cream (made with whole milk) Take-out size: 525ml (457kcal, 25g fat, 15.7g sat fat, 50g carbs, 43.2g sugar, 7.3g protein)

“This frostino is like a decadent dessert in a cup,” the expert continued. It has 43 grams of sugar and provides 3/4 of our daily saturated fat allowance. Remember that drinks include energy, which contains hidden sugars that can cause weight gain and dental decay.”

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