Weight loss: Seasonal diets are excellent for the environment and your body, and they’re easy to implement right now.


Weight loss: Seasonal diets are excellent for the environment and your body, and they’re easy to implement right now.

Weight loss: Seasonal diets are good for the earth and your body, and they’re simple to put into practice right now.

EATING WITH THE SEASONS is not a new concept: Britons have always consumed seasonal produce purchased locally. However, did you know that seasonal diets are beneficial for your body, can aid weight loss, and are better for the environment and local farmers?

In the twenty-first century, Britons have access to food from all over the world. However, it’s important to remember the fruits grown in the UK and how eating them may help the environment, local growers, and our bodies.

Seasonal diets, according to Rob Hobson, a respected health expert and nutritionist, may be the answer to food sustainability and minimizing people’s carbon footprint.

Rob also recognized that eating seasonal foods can help you lose weight and is an easy way to become a healthier version of yourself.

He said, “Eating with the seasons is something we can all do to protect the environment, support local farmers, and even save a few penny on our monthly food bill.”

According to the author, buying local produce ensures that what we eat is as fresh as possible and hasn’t traveled hundreds of miles from farm to fork.

Rob noted, “It’s [fruit]allowed to develop naturally, leaving it bursting with flavor,” adding that product grown in season “tastes better.”

“Because it is selected at its peak of freshness and travels the shortest distances, local produce, such as mushrooms, is frequently more nutritionally dense.”

Mushrooms are a great food to add in your diet since they are high in nutrients like vitamin B.

For 52 weeks of the year, the Mushroom Producers of the United Kingdom and Ireland supply enough mushrooms to supply all of the UK’s stores.

In the United Kingdom, vitamin D is being added to mushrooms to prevent vitamin D deficiency in the population.

To protect themselves from COVID-19, the NHS has encouraged Britons to increase their vitamin D consumption, and eating more mushrooms could be one way to do so.

Rob recommends checking the label on mushrooms and other veggies to ensure that they are from the United Kingdom.

Seasonal greens such as spinach and kale, which are strong in nutrients, are recommended throughout the winter, according to the health expert.


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