Weight loss: Following Michael Mosley’s regimen, a woman sheds more than a stone in four weeks.


Weight loss: Following Michael Mosley’s regimen, a woman sheds more than a stone in four weeks.

THE FAST 800 DIET is a popular weight-loss plan that involves severely reducing calorie intake in order to lose weight. Lose a Stone in 4 Weeks for Summer, a Channel 5 show, saw ten participants try a variety of diets to help them lose weight for good.

Tonight on Channel 5, a show called Lose a Stone in 4 Weeks for Summer aired, in which ten people were put on several diet regimens to discover which one was the most effective. Alicia, one of the volunteers, shed more than a stone by following The Fast 800 food plan.

Dr. Amir Khan, who appeared on the show, explained: “The Fast 800 restricts your calorie consumption to 800 per day, and you must consume them all inside the first 12 hours.”

“This drives your body into a ketogenic state, in which your own fat stores are broken down to generate energy, and you should lose weight.”

Eating 800 calories per day was part of the quick weight loss diet plan.

Although it is only recommended for a brief period of time, it can assist a slimmer in losing weight quickly.

Those who follow the diet often eat Mediterranean-style dishes that are high in veggies.

This type of food is both nutritious and filling while also being very low in calories.

The diet’s food groupings are also designed to keep dieters full and happy.

This can help you eat fewer snacks during the day.

A slimmer must be in a calorie deficit, which means they must burn more calories than they consume, in order to lose weight.

Alicia, a Channel 5 volunteer, reduced her daily calorie intake from 1,700 to 800.

This meant she had to eliminate a large amount of her favorite food group, carbs, from her diet.

Dr. Amir Khan revealed that the slimmer was classed as obese at a starting weight of 17st 2lbs.

Alicia, on the other hand, lost a massive first 4 pounds after following The Fast 800 diet for a month.

The diet has been shown to be successful in lowering high blood sugar levels, as well as being more effective than other diets available.

Michael Mosley previously stated that 800 calories are sufficient to provide the body with all of the nutrients it requires.

“Most quick weight reduction trials are now based on 800 calories a day, which is both high enough to be sustainable and low enough to provide the nutrients you need,” he said.


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