‘We require this!’ Customers at M&S twist their ankles to grab the “greatest” £1 item.


‘We require this!’ Customers at M&S twist their ankles to grab the “greatest” £1 item.

A new Marks & Spencer item has gone viral, with many customers praising it. Some consumers even claimed to have “twisted our ankles” while attempting to obtain the merchandise.

To accommodate client demand, Marks and Spencer frequently updates and alters its stock, adding new food items to its categories. On social media, one of the supermarket’s newest goods has sparked a frenzy.

Customers at Marks and Spencer have gone crazy for one of the supermarket’s newest goods.

Fresh garlic bread is available for £1 at the shop.

The garlic bread chunks arrive in paper bags and are maintained in little refrigerators dedicated solely to garlic bread in some establishments.

According to Marks and Spencer, the bread is baked fresh every day in the store.

After being discussed on TikTok by user @melika zaidi, the product has gone viral in the previous week.

The foodie posted a video of herself purchasing a bag of garlic bread bits on Instagram.

“We twisted our ankles running to acquire the fresh garlic bread from Marks and Spencer,” a narrator says.

The video has nearly 6,000 comments and over 200,000 likes.

Many commenters appreciated the device and expressed their eagerness to get their hands on it.

“We need this,” one individual stated.

“Girl, does that say £1?” wrote another. “It’s fine if I dooo.”

“Best garlic bread ever,” said one client who had already sampled the renowned dish.

“Oh my days,” wrote someone else.

“I’m obsessed with garlic bread right now, so I might have to order this,” one user commented.

“Omg, I have to try this,” said another.

Other commenters, on the other hand, were less enthusiastic about the new product, claiming it wasn’t “at all fresh.”

“It isn’t produced fresh every day,” one person claimed. It’s manufactured frozen and then stored till it’s gone.”

“It’s not produced fresh at all!” exclaimed another TikTok user.

“Definitely not fresh,” one guy said.

“Does anyone else think garlic bread is overrated or is it just me?” said another.

Last September, Marks and Spencer introduced the garlic bread freezers to stores for the first time.

To avoid food waste, the supermarket said it converts leftover fresh baked bread into garlic bread every day before freezing it.

“Our customers adore the freshness and quality of our in-store bakery products, but their short shelf-life means it may be a problematic area for waste,” said Paul Willgoss, M&S Food Director of Technology.

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