‘We made so many schoolboy mistakes,’ say influencers, explaining how they were able to travel full-time.


‘We made so many schoolboy errors,’ say influencers, explaining how they were able to travel full-time.

TRAVEL influencers have revealed how they are able to afford to visit places like Miami, Hawaii, the Philippines, Kosovo, India, and Sri Lanka.

Molly and Matt run the Dabble and Travel YouTube channel, which has 164k subscribers as of 2019.

In just two years, the couple will be able to travel the world full-time and break even or even profit.

The duo described their journey and how they get paid to travel the world in the video.

The couple worked as a postman and a customer service assistant for five or six years while living at home with their parents to save money for their trip in 2019.

They consider themselves “extremely fortunate” because they “didn’t have to pay very many expenses at all” during this time.

They had originally planned to go on a three-month trip before returning home.

They, on the other hand, were bitten by the travel bug and never returned.

The couple grabbed a camera and began filming videos for their family to watch on YouTube.

The couple had no intention of turning their hobby into a full-time job.

The couple had around 15,000 Youtube subscribers by the end of their three-month journey.

They had recently monetized their channel and were making a small profit, but not enough to cover their travel expenses.

They returned to the Philippines with their savings still intact, and a month later, the couple had amassed between 40,000 and 50,000 subscribers.

They were able to charge a fee for hotel collaborations at this point, as long as the hotel was featured on their channel.

The couple visited India and Sri Lanka, where they worked with food tour companies.

The couple was still breaking even with the money they were making just covering trips at this point, with savings being used to supplement their income on occasion.

The couple recently traveled to Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia as part of a Balkans trip.

“We didn’t expect to go there, but it blew us away,” Matt said.

The couple had over 100,000 subscribers at this point and had made a profit.

They approached hotels to see if they could work together.

Furthermore, because the destination is relatively inexpensive, the couple’s expenses were easily covered.

Matt said of their trip and how they paid for it, “We definitely spent too much on hotels in those first three months.”

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