Viral Today: California Fails To Regulate COVID-19.


– After months of California leading the battle against COVID-19, patients have been battling a COVID-19 outbreak for weeks. Experts claim that a variety of factors came together to reverse California’s earlier efforts, which for most of the year contained the spread and kept the virus at a manageable level. Crowded living conditions, travel, and Thanksgiving festivities led to the spread of the disease, as well as public fatigue in the face of regulations that closed many schools and businesses, and promoted an isolated lifestyle.

Health officials believe they have found evidence in an American man of the latest U.S. case of the new and potentially more infectious new form of a human coronavirus first seen in England. The Florida Department of Health announced that a new variant had been identified in a man in his 20s who had not traveled recently. Like the previous two posts, this one also came from Colorado and California. The cases have raised concerns about the roots of the COVID-19 strain in the United Kingdom and how it spread into the U.S.

– After a ten month quarantine period, many pets’ lives have changed, and many relationships with their owners have been affected. For many dogs, life with the pandemic is no different from the life they had before the pandemic: Visitors around the clock, walks and treats on demand, and creeping into their beds at night. Cats are becoming more affectionate, and have even started behaving like helpless cats. Long term research have not ended.


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