Vaccine efficacy is in jeopardy as the Covid epidemic threatens ‘natural immunity.’


Vaccine efficacy is in jeopardy as the Covid epidemic threatens ‘natural immunity.’

VIROLOGIST Due to coronavirus limits, people may not have developed the necessary protection, therefore a “worrying” variant of the flu could emerge this year, according to Dr. Chris Smith.

“Infectious disease outbreaks and dissemination are made easier as a result of this.

“And we see it every year, and we expect it to be the same this year.

“But, of course, there’ll be the potential of additional Coronavirus cases, as well as flu.

“As a result of the efforts we’ve taken to curb the spread of coronavirus, flu has been relatively quiet.”

“We’ve seen very few cases of flu around the world,” he continued. And this accomplishes two goals. One, because people aren’t catching it, their natural flu immunity isn’t being supplemented.

“As a result, there are more people who are vulnerable in the population.

“But two, we usually have a large network of thousands of laboratories collecting flu samples all across the world throughout the year, which are sent back through the World Health Organization to figure out what we should do about the vaccine.

“Now that flu has vanished from our radar screen, we are relying on conjecture far more than we would ordinarily in determining what the vaccines will have to accomplish this year for flu.”

“So we think there’s every cause to be more concerned about the flu this year or next year,” the virologist stated.

“And it’s for that reason, because there’s a higher risk of the flu, that they’re advising everyone to be vaccinated, because the vaccine still provides some protection, even if it’s not a perfect match for what’s circulating.

“However, because of the risk of a higher rate of flu circulation, getting a flu jab, as well as a Coronavirus booster job, which the JCVI has suggested should apply to everyone over the age of 50 starting in the autumn, and we understand that pharmacies and chemists will be able to deliver a sort of a double shot, one in each arm, a flu jab and a COVID booster,” says the author.

“I think this will be extremely good practice heading into the autumn because it will ensure that everyone is as safe as possible,” he continued. And that will help protect the.”Brinkwire Summary News” from pressures.


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