Until February, schools should be closed and national laws tightened.


It is expected that NICOLA Sturgeon will declare that schools will remain closed for longer – as stricter national guidelines are to be enforced to tackle the spread of the Covid-19 mutant strain.

After Holyrood was recalled this morning following an emergency Cabinet meeting, the First Minister will address MPs this afternoon.

The action comes after the number of daily cases in Scotland has increased in recent days, with about half of the new infections caused by the strain of coronavirus, which is thought to be up to 70% transmissible, spreading more easily.

Warning: ‘The next few weeks may be the most dangerous we have ever seen’

Over the last 24 hours, 2,464 new cases were reported on Sunday, a rise from Saturday’s 2,137 cases. On New Year’s Day, a total of 2,539 new cases were confirmed, and 2,622 on Hogmanay.

The positivity rate for the daily test is now 15.2 percent – up from 10.8 percent on Saturday.

Subject to a study based on scientific evidence, ministers are reportedly considering delaying the return to front-line teaching in schools until 1 February.

As things stand, after the Christmas holidays were extended and a week of distance learning was ordered, schools in Scotland are expected to reopen on Jan. 18.

It is also suspected that more stricter national steps and regulations beyond the existing Level 4 laws are being contemplated by the Scottish government.

As concern grows over the rapid spread of the Covid-19 version, Holyrood should be remembered

In the daily case numbers of Covid-19, Ms. Sturgeon called the “rapid increase” “very concerning” and cautioned that “we need to take all steps to slow the spread as vaccination moves forward.”

“She added, “We are in a race between this faster-spreading Covid strain and the vaccine program, as are other nations.

Although we are working as quickly as possible to vaccinate, we still need to do more to slow down the virus in order to save lives and help the NHS provide all those who need it with treatment.

Many of the choices we make now are difficult and have tough implications. Vaccines give us a way out, but this new strain makes the time until then the most dangerous since the pandemic began. “So the government’s responsibility must be to act quickly and decisively in the national interest.”


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