Unknown Brain Illness Breakout Confirms Six Deaths and Dozens Affected in Canada | Neurologists Race to Find Cases

Unknown Brain Illness Breakout in Canada Confirms Six Dead and Dozens Affected | Neurologists Rush to Identify Cases

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Unknown Brain Illness Breakout in Canada Confirms Six Dead and Dozens Affected | Neurologists Rush to Identify CasesAn unknown brain illness breakout has already claimed the lives of six people in Canada, as dozens have been affected by this unknown disease. Neurologists are now rushing to identify what is really going on.

Six Dread Due to Unknown Brain Illness

According to the story by Express.co.uk, there is now at least six dead, while 48 more have reportedly fallen ill to this mysterious illness in New Brunswick, Canada. A lot of people have started reporting the feeling of being forgetful and easily confused by the said strange illness.

The authorities are now racing to discover more about the mystery of this progressive neurological syndrome since there is still no known cause at the moment. Out of six people that have died, their ages range from 18 up to 85. There has also been an E.coli warning that was issued in Surrey and Kent, UK, as thousands of residents could have contaminated tap water.

PHAC Announces Alert

Aside from confusion and brain fuzziness, there has also been reported an unusual mix of symptoms which include dizziness, anxiety, hallucinations, memory problems, pain, and even the progressive loss of mobility. This also includes the formation of bizarre mixed effects on the brain.

The Public Health Agency of Canada, or PHAC, has just announced an alert about a large batch of these notably unusual neurological cases in the region in late 2020. The agency was able to provide specialized expertise early during the investigation through interpreting diagnostic as well as autopsy results.

Neurologists are Trying to Identify a Case Definition

They also reportedly worked along with a New Brunswick neurologist to be able to identify a case definition for the particular cluster. PHAC has also noted that the province of New Brunswick is currently leading the investigation, as well as the federal agency’s role being a supportive one. A malaria vaccine is now being endorsed by WHO and is made by GlaxoSmithKline.

Blood Watch, a patient safety organization, has raised certain concerns. The group reportedly stressed that PHAC should really take the lead when it comes to the investigation. They have also called the federal agency to be. Brinkwire Summary News.


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