Under pressure from the Italian government due to the economic stimulus program,


As Italia Viva threatens to quit in the Covid 19 fund conflict, the Prime Minister talks with coalition party leaders

In the midst of a dispute between Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and his coalition partner and former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi this week, the fate of Italy’s government hangs in the balance. Renzi has repeatedly threatened to take his tiny Italia Viva party out of the ruling coalition unless the government changes course on how to revive the fragile economy of Italy.

Renzi has called on Conte to relinquish his control of the security services and for the government to speed up the delivery of 19 vaccines for Covid. So far, Conte has resisted the pressure and said he was prepared to challenge Renzi in parliament last week. Conte, however, is reportedly planning a meeting, either on Monday or Tuesday, between party leaders to discuss a potential government reshuffle. January 7 is the critical day for Conte to obtain ministerial approval for the stimulus package, which could lead Italia Viva to withdraw from the coalition and spark a government crisis. After the fall of the coalition government of M5S and Matteo Salvini’s far-right League in August 2019, Renzi, who was prime minister from 2014-16, arranged the Conte-led coalition between the center-left Party (PD) and the Five Star Movement (M5S).

“complacency”complacency”If these ideas are not liked, then we are not like the others – we will leave our [government]seats,”If these ideas are not liked, then if these ideas are not liked, then “I understand that in times of populism this sounds extravagant, but it is possible to do politics without institutional positions. “Renzi added that it was up to Conte to decide whether or not the proposals of the party on vaccines, the environment, schools and culture “are worth paying attention to or not. “The key sticking point of Renzi is the EU stimulus fund, from which Italy is expected to receive EUR 209 billion – He is afraid the chance will be squandered. Last week, he told Il Sole 24 Ore, “I’m in favor of spending it all and spending it well,” “But if someone wants to spend it badly, they can do it without us. “Conte also faces an opposition challenge, with the far-right Brothers of Italy organizing a petition calling for a vote of confidence in the government that was signed within hours by 100,000 Italians.

The Brothers of Italy, running in the elections alongside the League and the Forza Italia party of Silvio Berlusconi, is the only party that has made major gains in popularity over the past year.

The trio could attract more than 50 percent of the vote if national elections were to be held in the near future. Against this history, and with the nation still in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, experts say it is unlikely that Renzi’s maneuvers will lead to new elections.

I think Renzi needs to build a reshuffle to prove that he has an independent voice that can bring about change,” said Franco Pavoncello, professor of political science and president of Rome’s John Cabot University. “He has a limited parliamentary presence, and you have to shake things up when you’re in a state of relative weakness.


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